Sunday, April 3, 2011


I haven't been here in a while. My energies have been focused on other important areas of life lately. I always wonder when bloggers suddenly (or gradually) disappear, what might be going on... So, I thought it best to check in and say that I am officially taking a pause. I sure like sharing bits of info with you, and I don't think this is any kind of permanent thing. I'll probably pop in every so often with an inspiring tidbit. It's just a bit further down on the priority list at present. A lot further down, really. And I don't want to have it lingering in the far corner of my mind that I am being neglectful... (I'm really just taking the pressure off myself here).
So thank you to everyone who has been supportive of my humble blog. I hope you have found it of interest. And do check back every once in a blue moon, 'cause I may have been unable to resist posting a thing or two. And I know I promised some info in earlier posts... I haven't forgotten, and I will get there. But life is taking center stage now, and requires my undivided attention.
I am, however, leaving you with a tiny little morsel of loveliness: click here.