Monday, June 14, 2010

Plenty of Pink!

This isn't skin care related, but it is super pretty! I came home the other day to beautiful, billowing puffs of pink on the patio.

My neighbor and friend, Terri Mussatti, of Come to Mama Vintage Couture, was in the process of creating her amazing vintage hand-dyed lingerie pieces. I caught them in the pink stage (most of them have since been transformed into gorgeous masterpieces of wearable art)! I just had to take some pix. It felt so lovely and feminine to be surrounded by lacy, pink things in the late afternoon sunshine.

Her fabulous shop is in Atwater Village, at the Smooth'n Purdy Art & Beauty Gallery Collective, just in case you need a beautiful, alluring summer sundress, a unique evening gown, or some super sexy underthings! They also have great art openings and fun events in the courtyard. Go see!

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