Thursday, September 30, 2010

Smells Pretty (but not too pretty)

As you may have gathered from an earlier post, I am not fond of artificial fragrance. That includes any kind of synthetic perfume, perfume-y lotions, scented candles, and most incense. Most. But not all. There is one type of incense that I absolutely, positively love. I'd like you to meet Tara Healing Incense.

Original Tara Healing Incense

I find most incense to be cloyingly sweet, headache inducing, slightly nauseating, and generally irritating. Probably because it's toxic. An occasional whiff of Nag Champa is nostalgic - and doesn't bother me too much. But really, this is the only incense that not only agrees with me, but kinda rocks my world.

It is made by Tibetan refugees living in India, and this is what it says on the box:

"Tara Healing Incense which has been used for centuries old is a traditional Tibetan medicine for stress, depression and tension. It is prepared by hand according to ancient Tibetan medical system and is composed of 31 different pure and natural herbs. It is effective, non-toxic and non-addictive."

I always have a stash at home. And a few extra boxes on hand to give as gifts. A delightful little thing. Enjoy!

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