Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Stop and Smell the Jasminas

I recently spent five days in NYC and loved every minute of it. I am now fantasizing about becoming bi-coastal. My friend Sarah took me to ABC Carpet and Home where, among many other things, I lusted for this:

Oh, my heavenly heavens.......

The scent is from Intelligent Nutrients, and is made with certified organic essential oils. It doesn't contain any petrochemically derived ingredients, only the plants themselves. So it smells like perfume, but is non-toxic and won't give you a headache.

Here's an interesting article from Environmental Working Group (the same folks who bring you the Cosmetic Safety Database, where you can type in a product and see how it ranks in terms of its safety/toxicity), about hidden chemicals in perfume and cologne.

In addition to Jasminas, I also fell in love with two of their other scents, Attune and Focus. I stepped away and decided I didn't need to buy three bottles of perfume. Now I miss them terribly, and wish I had gotten at least one! I don't wear synthetic fragrance (I'm one of those that gets toxed-out when I'm around regular perfume or artificially scented candles...), so I really don't own any perfume. But I know now that I should. The actual bottles on the product website are not nearly as beautiful as the ones in the apothecary section at ABC, for some reason. Wish I could show you. But I'm sure they smell just as gorgeous...


  1. now I wish I could go to nyc and smell that! I love the name of your blog. I think I need to see it everyday.
    btw, have you ever smelled Kheils Gardenia perfume? It smells really good, I hope it's not toxic...

  2. hi marni!
    i love gardenia, however, i don't recall whether kiehl's oils are synthetic or natural. i'll have to go check. i will say this: some of their products have synthetic fragrance and parabens, two things that i am not into when it comes to skin care. i'll definitely do a post about this in the near future. sure do love their packaging, though :)