Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ta Da!

It's my first post! Yay!! Welcome. Both of us! I'm so excited about sharing the things I know and learn. And about learning from you. There is so much info out there, it's overwhelming!
So... you may have noticed that the header of my blog is a scan of a Post-It sticky note. This very sticky note was on my bathroom mirror for the longest time! I had one on there before that said, "Am I still breathing?" - I got that idea from Ekhart Tolle. He says, every time you read that note, it will bring you back to the present moment. It did, too. So, when that note lost its stick, I made up a new one: You are Super Pretty.
For your first beauty tip, I recommend putting a Post-It on your bathroom mirror. It should say something that makes you smile. Or breathe. Or think a loving thought about yourself that you wouldn't otherwise consciously think. Or just copy mine. It works! There are plenty of studies out there that show that positive affirmations really create positive change. And they can't hurt.
It genuinely breaks my heart when a new client comes in and says, "I hate my skin!" I know how that feels. Believe me, I've had my share of bad skin days. Bad skin years, actually. But the truth is that stress is one of the primary factors involved in skin issues. So, the first step is to learn to love your skin. Because it needs to heal. And things that are healing need extra doses of love. And positive affirmations are a good way to administer a therapeutic dose of self love. Sometimes we need to "fake it till we make it" and just say, "Hey, Self, you are super pretty. I think you're great. Thanks for all the good things you do for me." Even if we're not sure that today we believe it. I can almost guarantee that if you told your skin you loved it every day for a month, you'd look and feel better after that month than if you said, "I hate my skin" every day for that month. Try it. Let me know if it worked for you. More tips, tricks, ideas, and ramblings to come.


  1. I love this reminder!!!! I guess mine shouldn't say You Rule the World; Tell Them to Get over It.....that seems not the right spirit:) so happy i get to read all your tips now and look younger and more glowy every day

  2. Yay! My skin is going to love your blog. And see, there are three of us reading already. Not two.

    I love my new epicuren products I deserved for birthing a human. I'm going to milk that one for as long as possible. Next up, new jeans.

  3. love that you're doing this, juliana! totally going to check-out the acne iphone app and reach for an ice cube next time i feel a break-out coming on!