Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cure Acne with Your iPhone? Really??

Did you know there is an iPhone app that supposedly helps clear up acne as you talk on the phone? Yep. It's called AcneApp and was developed by Houston based dermatologist, Greg Pearson, MD. He says this app would have go through a lot more clinical study before he could "quantify its efficacy,” but that he was “fascinated by the concept..." Another derm said it takes at least 88 treatments to see results. But people seem to be giving it good reviews. Placebo effect, perhaps?
The principle is the same as that behind the red and blue LED light therapy you'd receive from a Licenced Esthetician to kill bacteria and promote collagen growth. In my experience, those machines actually do produce results. However, the effectiveness of AcneApp has not been proven. And apparently, there is also no way of knowing the specific wavelength coming from your iPhone or what kind of harmful ultraviolet rays could be emitted. That's a little scary.

In my opinion, the best thing to do with your phone to help control acne is keep it as clean as possible. Phones get dirty and greasy. And try not to mash it up against your pretty face too much. Yucky!

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  1. That is too funny. What will they think of next?! Maybe someone can develop a flat abs app or a bigger boobs app? Those I would definitely pay more than $1.99 for, but acne, well, I'd rather go see Juliana for a facial :)