Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Super Hydration

One of my new faves is Eminence Linden Calendula Treatment Cream. Eminence is an amazing company from Hungary and their hand-made products are 100% Organic. They've won awards for their sustainable farming and green practices...even their packaging and shipping practices reflect their commitment to the environment.

Best for dry, dehydrated skin conditions, this versatile nourishing treatment can be used as a mask or a rich night cream. I love using it in the treatment room - it seems to plump up every thirsty skin cell! And the smell..... it's my favorite smell of any product - ever! I want a body lotion that smells like this!

This stuff is a must for anyone suffering with dry or irritated skin. Our Eminence rep calls it "Nature's Neosporin", because it's very soothing for cuts, cracked skin, minor irritations, little peely patches, sore noses after a cold....

Keep in mind, Eminence products are very concentrated (they're made without any water), and they are meant to be diluted with a little water (or one of the amazing Eminence Toniques)... so a little goes a long way - and one jar will last forever!

We carry Eminence products (including this little gem) at Petite Spa.

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